Installing a Manual Backup for a Generator in Edgewood? Here’s What You Need to Know

Manual Backup for a Generator EdgewoodIt’s a satisfying feeling once you buy a generator and know you can meet your family’s power needs even after a storm that knocks out the electricity from your utility’s power lines. But to safely make the switch from your electrical service to your alternative power source, you need a manual backup for a generator installed.

The Benefits of a Manual Backup Switch

A backup switch works with your portable or standby generator. It makes the process of shifting your home’s source of electricity safe and easy during an extended power outage. Instead of trying to run extension cords into and out of your house to keep your appliances, lighting and smart home systems running, your generator is wired directly to your house’s electrical panel.

Choose the Right Model

It is important to align your home’s power draw and your backup switch with the capacity of your generator. An electrician can help you find the right model of generator and switch. Depending on the size of the generator, you may need to choose which circuits are connected to it.

Professional Installation Maximizes Your Safety

The best method for installing your new switch is to hire a licensed electrician for the project. This ensures that power from your utility and your generator are not flooding your home’s electrical system at the same time. If that happens, it could cause a fire or other extremely hazardous conditions.

Do You Need Assistance with a Manual Backup for a Generator in Edgewood?

Electrical Outfitters NW is a certified installer of Generac generators, and our experienced team has the skills to handle all of your electrical needs, including backup switches. Our residential and commercial customers enjoy full-service electrical work, such as electrical panel upgrades, hot tub wiring and smart home solutions. When you’re ready to protect your family with a generator, contact us to ensure that you’re fully prepared for anything with a manual backup for a generator, too.

Get Your Manual Backup for a Generator in Edgewood with the Help of an Expert Electrical Contractor

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