Reduce the Risks to Your Home’s Electrical System with Whole-House Surge Protection in Edgewood

surge protection edgewoodYou may have heard about surge prevention devices that can be connected to your residential electrical panel, and perhaps you want to learn more about the benefits. Whole-house surge protection offers a built-in path of least resistance for sudden spikes or absences detected in the electrical service in your home. When your system is installed with your electrical panel by a qualified electrician, you’ll enjoy greater safety and ensure code compliance to avoid penalties or fines.

It’s a Versatile Solution

Whole-house protection shields your home’s complete electrical system and all connected appliances, lighting and outlets. It works against all kinds of power surges in the house and nearby lightning strikes, too. When electricity suddenly increases or decreases with great intensity, it can destroy numerous components, which makes for lengthy and expensive repairs.

Save Money on Upkeep and Replacement of Electronics

Sudden spikes in electrical power may leave refrigerators, computers, laptops and smart home devices damaged to the point where they are non-functional and need replacement. Installing surge protection on your electrical panel directly avoids harm to appliances and electronics as well as the outlets they’re connected to.

Enhance the Safety of Your Home

In rare situations, a dramatic power surge sparks a fire. Using surge protection throughout your home may provide greater peace of mind, as you will have taken additional steps to address known potential hazards.

Do You Need Help with Surge Protection in Edgewood?

Electrical Outfitters NW offers homeowners a full range of electrical services backed by decades of experience. Our trusted team of licensed electricians is ready for your lighting upgrade and remodeling projects, and we’re your source for solutions to common electrical needs, such as generators, electrical charging stations and electrical panel replacement. When you’re ready to take your home’s protection to the next level with whole-house surge protection, contact us for prompt service.

Get Safe and Reliable Surge Protection for Your Edgewood Home

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