Update the Electrical Panel in University Place: Protect Your Family by Replacing Old Panels

update the electrical panel university place

When the electrical system in your home is working well, its actions are practically undetectable. However, outdated or recalled electrical panels pose a fire hazard you want to address quickly, even if it appears everything is fine. These units can suddenly fail without warning and leave your family in jeopardy. Here’s what you need to know to update the electrical panel.

What’s Wrong with Older Panels?

Many homes–single and multi-family–built within the last 30-50 years have electrical systems built around Federal Pacific, Zinsco and similar panels. This equipment isn’t designed to carry the loads that modern families expect them to. Our electrical needs at home have expanded to include far more electronics than families of the 1950s or even the 1990s used every day. 

What’s the Risk?

These obsolete electrical panels may overheat and cause important components to melt. Circuit breakers won’t function like they’re supposed to, and it becomes impossible to shut down the electrical power, leading to housefires. Engineering expert Dr. Jesse Aronstein has long cited the potential harm of outdated panels, and his recent work with Dr. Richard Lowry and published by IEEE suggests that more than 2,8000 fires annually may be traced back to these panels as the cause.

The Benefits of a Modern Electrical Panel

Aside from the immediate protection against a known potential threat, swapping out your old electrical panel for a new one offers multiple benefits. It could lower your homeowner’s insurance premium. It also ensures you have the safe energy you need for all of your electronics and smart home features, and allows you to expand your usage with ease. A professional electrician can install a panel that corresponds to state-of-the-art surge protection, generators and EV chargers, too.

Ready to Update the Electrical Panel at Your Home in University Place?

Electrical Outfitters NW is your local team of licensed electricians ready to troubleshoot, repair and update your home’s electrical system. We’re experts at swapping out electrical panels, installing lighting upgrades and smart home devices, and wiring your home for hot tubs, generators and EV chargers. It’s easy to protect your home and your family by calling an experienced electrician to update the electrical panel, so contact us today for prompt service. 

Update the Electrical Panel to Cut the Fire Risk to Your University Place Home

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