Discover the Benefits of Installing an Electric Car Charger at Your University Place Home

Electric car charger University place

As gas prices continue to go up with no end in sight, now is a great time to switch to an electric car. Whether you already have a hybrid or electric vehicle or will be buying one soon, you may be interested in getting an electric car charger installed in your home. Learn more about the benefits of this new way of getting around and how it can save you money. 


Instead of finding a place to charge your vehicle at home or worrying about getting access to a shared charging station in a parking lot while you shop, being able to charge your vehicle at home makes life easier. Your car stays fully powered and ready to go whenever you need it to be.


A shared or public access charging station may not be up to accepted standards. There may be a high degree of wear and tear from frequent use that makes the charger unsafe or inefficient, or it may be subject to vandalism or tampering. A home state eliminates these concerns.

Less Time and Money Spent at the Gas Station

Instead of taking the time to visit the gas station multiple times per week and spending an increasing amount of money on refueling, having an electric vehicle and a charging station at home allows you to devote more time and money to the things that matter most to you. 

Are You Preparing to Buy an EV and Need an Electric Car Charger in University Place?

Electrical Outfitters NW is ready to install your EV charger at home to set you free from high gas prices. Our experienced team of licensed electricians has years of servicing residential electrical systems, from the installation of new electrical panels to smart home upgrades and lighting upgrades. If you’re ready to buy an electric car and need a home electric car charger, contact us today for $75 off installation or take advantage of our electrical panel upgrade service and get the installation of your EV charger included for free! Call 253-215-8341 for details about this special offer and to book your appointment. 

Get a High-Quality Electric Car Charger for Home Use And Save Money on Fueling Your Vehicle in University Place

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