Discover Why the New Ford F-150 Lightning Makes an Ideal Backup Generator in Tacoma

Ford F-150 Lightning Tacoma

The Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck is one of the most innovative vehicles to roll off an auto maker’s assembly line in recent years. With its on-board inverter generator, it’s easy to see why there’s so much excitement surrounding its debut. If you’re ready to buy but unsure about charging it, read on to learn more about how to power it so it’s always ready to fully power your home.

Robust Backup Generator Capability

One of the things that makes this Ford truck stand out is the built-in generator. Don’t let the small size fool you–it can provide up to 8,000 watts of energy and power your home for several days! Having that kind of power at your service every single day offers genuine peace of mind so that you know your family is always prepared and protected from unexpected power outages. 

An Automatic Transfer Switch Is Essential

When used with an automatic transfer switch, changing over the power source for your home is quick and safe even under the most challenging circumstances. You’ll avoid the hassle of choosing what to connect and how, especially under hazardous conditions where time may be of the essence or the total darkness may be dangerous. As soon as the primary power source is lost, your electrical panel will draw from your backup power source. 

Your Local Electrician Makes It Easy

Installing an automatic transfer switch so that your Ford truck with an inverter generator provides your home with electricity when needed is simple when you call your licensed electrician to do the job. An electrician ensures you have a switch that is sized for your needs and that it meets code for safety. You can also get an electric vehicle outlet installed to make recharging your truck at home convenient.  

Ready to Use Your Ford F-150 Lightning as a Generator in Tacoma?

Electrical Outfitters NW is your locally owned and operated electrical contractor ready to meet all of your residential and commercial needs. Our licensed electricians install and service electrical panels and smart home upgrades, and we’re of course always ready to help you turn your Ford F-150 Lightning into a backup generator or assist with your lighting upgrades. Contact us for details about our special offers and to book your appointment today. 

Be Prepared for Power Outages in Tacoma with Your Ford F-150 Lightning and the Services of an Expert Electrician

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