What You Need to Know About Backup Generator Installation in Puyallup

background generator installation puyallup

Having a backup generator is a smart way to plan for extra electrical needs and power outages, whether planned or caused by harsh weather or other unexpected disasters. As important as deciding to invest in a generator is deciding which one to choose. You also have to select backup generator installation methods and figure out how you’re going to accomplish it. Here are three important decisions to make first. 

Choose the Best Type for Your Needs

There are multiple kinds to choose from, including standby generators and portable generators. Innovative solutions even include inverter models you can find on a vehicle such as the Ford F-150 Lightning. That truck’s on-board generator can provide enough energy to power your house for days. If you’re not sure which kind to buy, talk to an experienced electrician who can guide you and avoid overwhelming your electrical panel.   

Automatic Transfer Switch is a Wise Solution

There’s no need to choose what to power when your primary electrical source fails and no worries about stumbling around in the dark with an automatic transfer switch. It’s already wired to your electrical power and your generator to make the hand-off effortless. Also, you can enjoy the convenience of the switch-over happening even if you’re not home. 

Professional Installation Keeps Your Home Safe

Because of the strength and intensity of the electricity coming through your electrical panel, hiring a licensed electrician to install your generator ensures your home and family are protected from the risk of fire. A pro also ensures all work meets municipal code. 

Do You Need Backup Generator Installation in Puyallup?

Electrical Outfitters NW is your locally owned and operated electrical contractor, and we now offer attic and crawl abatement and re-installation of insulation with every rewire job for ultimate energy conservation and a healthy home. Our licensed electricians install and service electrical panels, smart home upgrades and backup generators, and we’re always ready to assist with your lighting upgrades. Contact us for details about our special offers and to book your backup generator installation today. 

Safe, Reliable Backup Generator Installation for Puyallup Homeowners

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