Time for a Generator Upgrade in Gig Harbor? Here’s How to Tell

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You count on your generator to be there in your time of need, but even the most loyal one only lasts a few decades before its performance starts to decline. If you’ve had your one for a while, here are some of the signs it’s time for a generator upgrade

Your Electricity Demands Have Increased

Once upon a time, a generator only needed to produce enough electricity to keep the lights on and major appliances running. Today, the minimum electrical demand of most homes has grown significantly, especially with all of the smart home technology and devices that need power. If your generator is no longer well-matched with your needs, you won’t get the reliability from it that you want. 

You Want Greater Safety and Convenience 

Depending on how long ago you bought your generator, it may not have the safety benefits and features that today’s models offer. This can be tough to determine on your own, so it’s smart to call a licensed electrician to evaluate your generator and also consider adding an automatic transfer switch to maximize safety and ease of use. 

Your Generator is Old 

As with all appliances, a generator has a natural lifespan. And while that can be up to 30 or 40 years, eventually, it needs to be replaced. If you use your generator heavily, you can expect it to quit far sooner than 30 years from when you purchased it. It’s worth looking at your generator and its efficiency with a realistic eye to decide whether now is a good time to replace it, before you go to use it and it doesn’t work.

Do You Need a Generator Upgrade in Gig Harbor?

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Get the Ideal Generator Upgrade for Energy Self-Sufficiency in Gig Harbor

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