Recessed and wafer lights are a convenient way to upgrade the lighting in your house, especially as winter begins to feel like it will never end. These lighting designs are similar in that they both sit above or flush with the ceiling level. It’s an unobtrusive type of illumination that goes with practically any decor style, and offers multiple benefits, especially if you’re missing the brighter sunshine of spring and summer weather. 

Custom Warm and Cool Lighting Levels

Today’s lighting technology makes it easier than ever for you to adjust the illumination from warm to cool lighting, especially when you use lighting styles that work well with dimmers, like wafer and recessed lights do. Warm lighting in particular can ease your comfort on long winter days with fewer hours of daylight.

Greater Energy Efficiency

LED lights used in new lighting installations use less energy and can last much longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Your costs over time will be lower both in terms of electricity costs and replacement bulbs. Every bit helps, especially as home heating expenses continue to go up.

Remote Operation

The smart home capabilities of wafer and recessed lighting styles allows you the flexibility to adjust your home lighting whether you’re home or not. Enjoy greater peace of mind when away from your house as well as the convenience of simply being able to adjust the lighting in a room without having to interrupt your activities.

More Comfortable Home with Recessed & Wafer Lights in Puyallup

Electrical Outfitters NW is a local electrical contractor ready to serve all of your electrical panel, smart home upgrades, and lighting upgrade needs. You’ll get the attentive service of our licensed electricians for the installation, repair and replacement of key components of your electrical system, including backup generators and EV chargers. And we now offer attic and crawl abatement and re-installation of insulation with every rewire job for ultimate energy conservation and a healthy home. And our special offers include a free dimmer with the purchase of four or more recessed or wafer light fixtures and installation. Contact us for details about all of our services today! 

Worry-Free Installation of Recessed and Wafer Lights in Puyallup Homes

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