Wall heaters offer you a highly customized ability to control the heat in a room, which makes them ideal for homes where some rooms are not used as often as others, like guest rooms. But the key to getting the most satisfactory results from your electric wall heater is taking good care of it. Here are some simple steps you can take as you prepare for winter weather. 

Wipe Down the Cover

The heater typically has a vented metal cover on the front of it, and it’s important to keep it clean. As part of your regular house cleaning routine, use a damp cloth to wipe dust and grime off of it. Be careful to do this when the heater is off so you avoid getting any moisture inside the unit or burning your hands.

Vacuum the Vents Regularly

The metal grill on your heater cover is likely to collect dust, as well as pet dander. As dust and dander build up, it cuts down on the effectiveness and efficiency of the appliance. Use a vacuum with the brush attachment to gently lift and remove debris from the vent. For stubborn areas, grab an old toothbrush to get in tight spots.

Get Regular Cleaning Services from Your Electrician

Like other appliances and systems in your home, your heater needs regular maintenance to keep it running well and safely. Beyond the everyday upkeep you can provide, it’s important to call an expert for a professional evaluation and more thorough disassembling and cleaning twice a year; fall and spring are best. 

Do You Need An Electrician to Service Your Electric Wall Heater in Edgewood?

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