Choosing the right electric vehicle is important, but it’s essential to not overlook car charger installation. You’ll need to maximize your ability to recharge your vehicle at home. And choosing a Wallbox model offers you several additional benefits to consider. 

Protect Your Electrical System

For most homeowners, your residential electrical system isn’t designed to carry the power needed to charge your EV in addition to all the other demands placed on it every day. Getting a separate charger installed reduces the risk of overloading your system, which can lead to safety concerns.

Indoor or Outdoor Access 

Not every electric car owner has a garage where an EV can be parked and charged, protected from the elements. With a Wallbox charger, you have the option of indoor or outdoor installation, plus the peace of mind that comes from being able to lock it from unauthorized use.

Versatile Charging Capacity

One of the greatest things about choosing a Wallbox charger is the ability to charge EVs made by multiple manufacturers. Most models can accept more than one type of charging cable, so visiting friends or family can charge their vehicles while staying with you, if needed.

Need Car Charger Installation in Gig Harbor?

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