Installing a Manual Backup for a Generator in Edgewood? Here’s What You Need to Know

Manual Backup for a Generator EdgewoodIt’s a satisfying feeling once you buy a generator and know you can meet your family’s power needs even after a storm that knocks out the electricity from your utility’s power lines. But to safely make the switch from your electrical service to your alternative power source, you need a manual backup for a generator installed.

The Benefits of a Manual Backup Switch

A backup switch works with your portable or standby generator. It makes the process of shifting your home’s source of electricity safe and easy during an extended power outage. Instead of trying to run extension cords into and out of your house to keep your appliances, lighting and smart home systems running, your generator is wired directly to your house’s electrical panel.

Choose the Right Model

It is important to align your home’s power draw and your backup switch with the capacity of your generator. An electrician can help you find the right model of generator and switch. Depending on the size of the generator, you may need to choose which circuits are connected to it.

Professional Installation Maximizes Your Safety

The best method for installing your new switch is to hire a licensed electrician for the project. This ensures that power from your utility and your generator are not flooding your home’s electrical system at the same time. If that happens, it could cause a fire or other extremely hazardous conditions.

Do You Need Assistance with a Manual Backup for a Generator in Edgewood?

Electrical Outfitters NW is a certified installer of Generac generators, and our experienced team has the skills to handle all of your electrical needs, including backup switches. Our residential and commercial customers enjoy full-service electrical work, such as electrical panel upgrades, hot tub wiring and smart home solutions. When you’re ready to protect your family with a generator, contact us to ensure that you’re fully prepared for anything with a manual backup for a generator, too.

Get Your Manual Backup for a Generator in Edgewood with the Help of an Expert Electrical Contractor

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3 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Get a Home Generator in Tacoma

generator tacomaThe importance of having a generator at home has never been more evident. In today’s world, that added source of power is needed beyond its usefulness for storm preparation in keeping your electrical appliances, heat and lights on. It’s also critical to be prepared to work from home, maintain your wifi network and support electric car charging. Here’s what you need to know.

Make Working from Home Easy

Having an added power source is important when you need to transition between in-office and remote work quickly. The extra devices you need for a home office set-up can cause a strain on your existing home electrical panel.

Maintain WiFi Connectivity

In an emergency of any kind, being able to communicate instantly is vital. A source of standby power that can produce enough electricity will allow you to make phone calls, send texts, and get the information you need to stay safe. You’ll be better able to stay in contact with loved ones and receive emergency alerts as they are issued to keep yourself and your family out of harm’s way.

Keep Your Electric Vehicle Charged

The hassle of charging your electric vehicle at home may sometimes feel like it outweighs the benefits of having one. Instead of trying to make your home electrical system expand to meet the needs of your car, hiring an electrician to install a generator can be more convenient and require less labor.

Are You Ready to Install a Home Generator in Tacoma?

Electrical Outfitters NW offers licensed and insured electrical contracting services to residential and commercial customers in the Pacific Northwest, including installation of your back-up power sources. We are certified Generac installers, and we are ready to help you get the right generator for your standby power needs, so contact us today.

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Why Hire an Electrician for RV Outlet Installation in Gig Harbor

RV at sunsetTaking your motorhome on the road is a great way to enjoy sights you’d never otherwise see and spend more time with your family, so it’s easy to see why RVs are so popular for DIY vacationers. But one thing you shouldn’t take on yourself is RV outlet installation. Hiring a licensed electrician to do this job has several important benefits.


The dangers that working with live electricity poses are no joke. Avoid the risk of shock, electrocution or even a residential fire by hiring a licensed electrician to install your RV hookup. A pro’s work also ensures the outlet is sufficiently protected from the elements, including rain and snow.


An electrician knows the best way to run an electrical line from your electrical panel to the RV outlet in a way that supports the proper current and voltage at all times. This is especially important if your home is wired with smart home technology.


Figuring out your own electrical work, even for things like lighting or new appliances, can be a challenge if you’re not formally trained in this field. When you hire a licensed electrical contractor, the project will be completed quickly, correctly and on your timetable.

Do You Need RV Outlet Installation?

Electrical Outfitters NW’s licensed electricians can handle all of your specialty electrical needs, including outlets, electrical panel service and replacement, generator installation and overall troubleshooting. Whether you’re in need of an electrical contractor for home upgrades, renovations or new constructions, our experienced team is ready to assist. Contact us today for prompt, quality service you can count on, including RV outlet installation.

Enjoy Easy RV Outlet Installation in Gig Harbor

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Should You Consider an Outdoor Lighting Upgrade for Your Puyallup Home?

Should You Consider an Outdoor Lighting Upgrade for Your Puyallup Home?What does outdoor living mean to you? Friday night barbecues with friends and/or watching your kids grow up enjoying the yard on summer evenings? No matter what your favorite outdoor activities are, an outdoor lighting upgrade usually makes them more possible and enjoyable, not to mention adding beauty, curb appeal, security and value to your home. 

Enhanced Safety

Tastefully but effectively illuminating the exterior of your home decreases risk of burglary and home invasion. Motion-activated yard lights are a great choice – even helping to secure your home while you’re not around. 

Added Aesthetic Appeal

With so many types, styles, colors and intensities to choose from when doing an outdoor lighting upgrade, you can achieve exactly the outdoor ambiance that suits your home, neighborhood, lifestyle and personal taste. Whether selecting lighting features to stand out or blend in, an experienced electrical contractor can help you select the perfect option if you’re in doubt.

Increased Functionality

Proper exterior lighting will almost certainly make your outdoor spaces more accessible and functional. Want to have a pool party after dark? No problem! Tired of tripping up your garden path? Problem solved! Outdoor lighting can also be paired with other electrical home upgrades for maximum functionality and effect.

Need an Outdoor Lighting Upgrade in Puyallup?

If you need an experienced electrical contractor to help, consider calling the experts at Electrical Outfitters NW. Serving Puyallup and the surrounding community for over 30 years, you get lighting pros that also offer a complete range of other electrical services, from back-up generator wiring to recessed lighting installation. Call to learn more about improving your home’s beauty and functionality!

Boost Curb Appeal and Enjoyment of Your Puyallup Home With an Outdoor Lighting Upgrade 

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