If you’re experiencing flickering lights, circuit breakers that are often tripped or you have been zapped a few times when plugging or unplugging an item, rewiring a house could be the best solution to the problem. Here’s what you need to know.

Is It Really Necessary?

Even the most advanced electrical system has a definite useful lifespan, and if your house is around 50 years old or greater, it likely wasn’t designed to carry the kind of electrical loads you’re expecting it to. Overloading the electrical system is a fire risk.

How Long Does It Take?

The length of time it takes for a rewiring project is typically dependent upon the size of your home. You can expect it to take several days, at least, and usually a week or longer. This assumes there are no complications, and you’re not adding on any additional electrical work, which could extend the time needed to work on your house.

Are You Expected to Leave Home While The Electrician is Rewiring?

While it’s possible to stay in your home during this process, you may be more comfortable with other accommodations. Not being able to access your electrical system as you usually do every day could make life a little more challenging. It could also slow down the licensed electricians as they will have to work around you.

Interested in Rewiring a House in Edgewood?

Electrical Outfitters NW is a local electrical contractor ready to serve all of your electrical panel, smart home upgrades, and lighting upgrade needs, including rewiring a house. You’ll get the attentive service of our licensed electricians for the installation, repair and replacement of key components of your electrical system, including backup generators and EV chargers. And we now offer attic and crawl abatement and re-installation of insulation with every rewire job for ultimate energy conservation and a healthy home. And our special offers include a free dimmer with the purchase of four or more recessed or wafer light fixtures and installation. Contact us to learn more today! 

Gain the Benefits of Rewiring a House in Edgewood with the Help of a Great Licensed Electrician

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